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5 Ways to Get Involved!

How you can use your talents and partner with Five Talents to transform lives

5 Ways to Get Involved with Five Talents from Five Talents on Vimeo.

1. Invest.

We all have something to give. Whether you can donate $5 during a social media drive, or $5,000 at the end of the calendar year, you will be blessed when you give out of the abundance that God has provided to you. Invest in the lives of micro-entrepreneurs today. Give at

2. Host a gathering.

Maybe you'd rather chat about Five Talents over coffee rather than blast out a tweet or post a link to Facebook. Or perhaps you'd like to host a discussion about global poverty in your church, or organize a reception to highlight one of our programs? We've got the resources you will need to pull it off – videos, handouts, infographics, you name it! Click here to learn more.

3. Volunteer.

Whether you live just down the street, or on the other side of the country, you can volunteer with Five Talents. We hold two annual events a year in northern Virginia and Maryland, but if helping out with our annual golf event or gala fundraising dinner is off the table, you can still advocate for Five Talents to your local church and missions committee. We'd welcome your participation in regular conference calls with advocates all over the world. Be sure to complete this volunteer registration form.

4. Get social.

Do you have a favorite social media site? We're on Facebook and Twitter, of course, but also Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. When you tell your friends, "Check this out!" and share a blog post or video, you're making a real impact. Not everyone knows about us yet, so you can help to spread the word. Get started by sharing this video with your friends on Facebook!

5. Pray.

Put us on your church prayer list. Pray for Five Talents once a week at dinner. Or visit our blog, featuring stories of men and women like Celestina in Bolivia, as a reminder to pray for specific individuals in our programs.

Click here to register as a volunteer!