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Children on Mom's Change: 'She's Not Shy Anymore'

This is the third in a series of posts focusing on the life and work experiences of women who are currently participating in one of Five Talents' programs. The interviews were conducted by local partners, or by Five Talents staff, and then translated and edited for clarity. Read parts one, two and four.

Last week, we posted an interview with Maxima, a mother of seven in Tarija, Bolivia, whose savings and loan group helped her to overcome her extreme shyness and become a leader in her neighborhood.

Two of her children, Antonia and Jorge, kindly agreed to share their own impressions of their mother's transformation. Here's what they told our local partner Semillas de Bendicion (Seeds of Blessings):

maxima2_smallHow has your mom changed since joining her savings and loan group?
Many things have changed for us. She is not shy any more, she goes to school meetings, speaks with women, is the Secretary of Health for our neighborhood, and she cooks very delicious things with vegetables and leaves that she never cooked before. Before we always saw her crying and she didn't take care of herself, but now she smiles and she takes care of herself and her appearance when leaving the house. She is a very good mom. She cooks for us; when we want to talk she listens; she encourages us to study; and she works so that we can have something to eat. Jesus loves her so much because she always wants to help other people. She always tells us to study a lot so that when we are big we can help other people.

How did you show your love to your mom on Mother's Day last year?
On Mother's Day we prepared hand-made gifts for her, but she always tells us that the best gift a mom can have is the love of her children. Because of this on Mother's Day we give her lots of hugs and kisses. But when we are big and we can work, we want to buy land so that our dad can build a house where we can all live. (Pictured here: Maxima with six of her children)