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Five Talents' Micro-Savings and Loan Programs Equip Mothers to Provide for Family

MaximaandsonThis Mother's Day, you can celebrate the special women in your life with more than a bouquet of flowers or a lunch at a fancy restaurant. You can extend love and compassion around the world with a donation to Five Talents in honor of your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or friend.

Your donation will be loaned to mothers living in poverty to help them start self-sustaining businesses that will strengthen their families and dramatically improve their lives. The business owner then repays the money, which is re-loaned to another mother in need.

Five Talents also organizes savings programs and business training so women can learn to save money and plan for the future.

Even though the mothers we help in Peru, South Sudan and other struggling nations can't give their children most of the material possessions we enjoy here in America, they provide the most important thing of all — love.

And their children will tell you their mom is the most amazing woman in the world.

For example, take Máxima, the 43-year-old mother of David, 7, and Miguel, 17. She works all day and into the evening in a public market in Bolivia, selling carrots, potatoes and other vegetables to earn enough to care for her boys. Her youngest son will often stay with her in the market and then walk home with her using a flashlight to guide them through the dark village streets at night.

Máxima joined a Five Talents savings group last year, which helped her save 250 bolivianos, or about $36, in hopes of expanding her business. But when she was working in the market one afternoon, a stranger ran up to her and said that her son Miguel had fainted. Like any mother, Máxima was worried and used the money she had saved to pay for a doctor to examine him.

"The doctor said Miguel was suffering from malnutrition," Máxima said. "I felt sad because I couldn't feed my son well and he got sick. But I was also filled with hope and happiness because I had savings to pay for his treatment. I gave thanks to God, because He had been preparing me for this situation."

Without the Five Talents savings program, Máxima would not have been able to give her son medical treatment.

With the program, she is now able to buy more food for her children so they won't suffer from malnutrition anymore.

"Being so poor I didn't think I could save any money," Máxima said. "But I saw other women in my village saving through the Five Talents program and that encouraged me to join them."

We have long lists of mothers in Bolivia, Sudan, Burundi, Peru and Indonesia waiting anxiously for your gift to make a difference in the lives of their families. These women don't want hand-outs and dependency...they want to become self-sufficient and create better lives for their families. Celebrate the love of the special women in your life with a gift in their name to Five Talents.

Will you please make a gift of $50, $150, or even $500 today so we can continue working to help mothers like Máxima lift their families out of poverty...and thrive?

Your kindness and generosity will make all the difference in the world to women who want to improve themselves and give their children hope for a better future. A donation to Five Talents is the best way to extend your mother's love for you across the world. And it will create a legacy in her name that lasts for generations.