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Infographic: Five Talents and the Cycle of Transformation

Cycle_cutoutOne of the ways Five Talents distinguishes itself from other organizations, such as Kiva, is by offering a complete package of financial and non-financial services to micro-entrepreneurs.

jpg Please click here to download an infographic that depicts the cycle of services that Five Talents and its partners offer to ensure that women and men can achieve true transformation of their life and micro-enterprise.

By partnering with local organizations, Five Talents provides more than just a loan and a pat on the back. Five Talents and its partners help to facilitate sustainable transformation by setting up savings and loan groups where micro-entrepreneurs can find accountability and peer support. The women and men also receive business training and, in some cases, financial literacy education.

Five Talents, a faith-based nonprofit, also partners with the local church to ensure that program participants understand that God has planted in them a set of skills and abilities that they can tap to provide for their family and carve out a sustainable living. However, micro-entrepreneurs need not be Christian to participate. Five Talents programs are open to people of any or no faith.

In the infographic, you will also find the latest data from our programs, including the percentage of women served, the average size of Five Talents' micro-loans and the average number of people who benefit per loan.

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Infographic illustration by Laura Bauder