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The Five Talents Flash Drive: All You Need to Tell Our Story

flashdrive_logo_square_medFive Talents has an incredible story to share about women's empowerment, community transformation, and discovering one's God-given significance. But we need your help to spread the word.

We have developed a digital toolkit called the "Five Talents Flash Drive" that is designed to give you – a student, a board member, a business professional, a long-time supporter, someone who has a heart for the poor – whatever you need to help us tell our story.

We hope and pray that you will use these resources to recruit others to join you in the fight against global poverty.

Your participation could be as simple as e-mailing your close friends one of our blog posts and telling them why you love Five Talents.

Perhaps you are scheduled to teach a Sunday School class and you need an exciting lesson plan.

Maybe you're a high school or university student who wants to organize a small fundraiser.

Whatever you're into, we're sure there's a way that you can use your own talents and gifts to help us spread the word about Five Talents.

The "Five Talents Flash Drive" is just the first step in a new outreach campaign. In spring 2012, we plan to hold a webinar for friends and supporters of Five Talents who would like to join our volunteer network. During that event, we will also make some other exciting announcements -- so stay tuned!

Will you consider helping Five Talents spread the word about its innovative microfinance work in the developing world?

Click here to register your interest as a Five Talents volunteer. Click here to access the "Five Talents Flash Drive".