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10 Ways You Can Get Involved With Five Talents

10ways2Doing good doesn't always come naturally. We often feel we're too busy, too tired, too stressed, or too broke to make a difference. But thanks to our hyper-connected world, it has never been easier to have an impact.

Do you like to network and bring people together? With just a few clicks on Facebook, you can introduce a friend who has a passion for global development to Five Talents' mission.

Do you need something to spice up your prayer life? Why not join us in praying for our clients and partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We can add your name to our monthly prayer e-mail list.

Do you enjoy organizing events and getting people pumped up about a worthy cause? Perhaps you can stage an online fundraiser or invite some neighbors over for coffee. (We'll be more than happy to provide a guest who can speak knowledgably about poverty and microfinance and Five Talents' mission.)

Below, you'll find 10 ways that you can help support Five Talents in its mission -- even if you're busy, tired, stressed or broke. (Perhaps you can think of some other ways to use your talents for Five Talents. If you do, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Here they are:

1. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter.
Just create an account on our website and you will begin receiving our monthly e-updates packed with inspiring stories and exclusive photos from the field.

2. Become a prayer partner.
Contact our office and we will put you on our e-mail list to receive monthly prayer requests for our work in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

3. "Like" us on Facebook.
Every time you "Like" a photo or a link that we share on Facebook, you're helping us spread the word about our work in the developing world. Your friends trust you. If you believe in our mission, they are more likely to get on board, too.

4. Invite someone from Five Talents to speak at your church/event.
Need a compelling speaker for your church service, mission conference, or other event? We have experts ready to give profound presentations on topics ranging from microfinance, to the theology of the poor, to the Millennium Development Goals.

5. Host an informal gathering with friends.
Introduce Five Talents to your friends and neighbors by inviting them over for coffee or dinner. Show a slideshow or video from the Five Talents website and explain why you believe in the organization's mission.

6. Shop our alternative gift catalog for special occasions.
Instead of giving material gifts, which can be quickly forgotten, celebrate birthdays, Christmas, or any other holiday by "creating a job" in honor of your loved one. Purchase a Create a Job card, featuring stories of our entrepreneurs, to send to family or friends.

7. Join a monthly conference call with other talented volunteers.
We are building a network of volunteers who help with everything from Facebook campaigns to grant research.

8. Sign up for recurring giving and become a "Faithful Servant".
Monthly gifts enable us to create jobs for deserving entrepreneurs. By signing up for recurring giving through our website, you will be able to track your donations, print off receipts and update your contact information.

9. E-mail a favorite blog post to your friends.
We regularly publish interviews and stories on our blog. Find one you like and share the link with loved ones and friends.

10. Donate through our website.
Even a $10 donation can go a long way in the developing world. We appreciate your continued support of our mission! (P.S. If you're on the go, you can make a small donation to Five Talents through a cool new mobile Web app by Instead.)